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Global GO’s Mobile

The chance to work on redesigning the popular video app for GlobalTV was of course a bit of a dream. For one thing, I got to work on one of Canada’s best known brands, enjoyed daily by millions of Canadians, crafting the voice of this Canadian cultural icon in the tablet and smartphone app space. The chance to work in the exploding area of mobile television and video and to help Shaw transform its business in this way was equally exciting, of course.

The client asked to redesign the app interface and brand elements to match a new brand direction but also to take advantage of learnings garnered from their initial app release for GlobalTV. We had learned from some of the issues in the original app and sought to bring the experience in line with more recent releases and evolving trends in the app design universe. In addition, we were tasked with integrating authenticated viewing for cable customers and a display advertising business model. Given these complex challenges, I am thrilled with the final product. Apparently, so were millions of Canadians, as this app debuted at #1 on Canadian charts, has been featured numerous times as an app of the day and downloaded tens of thousands of times since launch. This product continues to be a lynch pin of Global’s TV Anywhere strategy.

If you want to see it all, you can view the original Shaw Media Video App V1.8

For more details, download the app for iOS from The App Store.

UX DESIGN: Andrew Wardle

Shaw Media Video App V1.8.1

Shaw Media Video App V1.8.1 2Shaw Media Video App V1.8.1 4Shaw Media Video App V1.8.1 3 Shaw Media Video App V1.8.1 5



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