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Kids Just Wanna Watch Video

Working with the Shaw Media team to create apps for kids and teens turned out to be one of the most rewarding projects of my career. Not only were we able to successfully leverage a single UX design to create two branded apps, but we were able to quickly deliver a satisfying video experience for kids and teens across Canada. The response within the organization was amazing – so many people reporting that their kids really enjoyed the new way to watch their favourite shows. Even more importantly, the response from the general public was just as amazing. It’s really great to create something for an audience that is so un-jaded and really takes the app to heart as part of their every day life.

Family App In DeviceShaw Media Video App V1.8.1

If you want to see it all, you can view the original Shaw Media Video App V1.8

For more details, download the app from the App Store.

UX DESIGN: Andrew Wardle
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Ron Mason; Franz Tan



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