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Fido My Account App

I recently had the amazing opportunity to lead a great team of  through a complete redesign and rebuild of the Fido My Account app for both iOS and Android, in collaboration with an outstanding internal team at Rogers, as well as some truly talented partners.

This is the kind of project and brief that doesn’t come around too often. For one thing, Fido reaches millions of customers and already holds a very strong brand position in the marketplace, so a project with such potential impact was very exciting. For another, the team that had come together to make it happen included some visionary leaders who built a brief that I believed would really be able to achieve what needed to happen for the customer and the business.

The challenges for the app had been significant in the past, having struggled to achieve more than a 1 star rating on the App Store. Technical and user experience problems were making the app very difficult to use, and equally difficult to support. The brief for the redesign was to build entirely new, native apps for both iOS and Android, and provide an experience for users that would rate five stars. No small feat.

To address theses issues we made extensive use of industry and customer research, as well as conducting several rounds of user testing throughout the design and development process, iterating and revising our design several times. We also took input and advice from experts in the industry, including world leading communications companies and masters of app design.

After months of work and rework, we created an experience that prioritizes user needs, simplifies navigation and integrates advanced mobile technologies like fingerprint ID to make the app something users could really get excited about. We were rewarded with a five star rating in the app store (for the first time ever), and users continue to download and enjoy the new app in huge numbers.






UX LEAD: Andrew Wardle



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